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JYB-KO-YW wild ultra-low temperature Protection typePressure Transmitter

The product model:JYB-K0-YW
The production:China
Attention index:3717

Low temperature industrial process pressure control

Low temperature scientific experiments, cooling tank, low temperature storage tank and propellant low temperature pressure  measurement

Bad conditions such as water conservancy, hydropower, constant pressure water supply, chemical industry with relatively high waterproof performance requirements

Urban pipeline, oil pipeline, and  building automation pressure acquisition

Navigation, and shipbuilding industry

Food, medicine, brewing, latex, aviation field


The titanium/silicon - sapphire or import diffusion silicon core,is suitable for precision measurement of different medium and different temperature stress

Whole stainless steel laser welding, excellent anticorrosion and shock resistance

Military grade device, the linear temperature compensation, temperature range is from - 40 degree to 125 degree

Overload shock resistance and  strong interference resistance ability

Prevent the surge voltage, reverse polarity over-voltage and over-current protection

Long working life and high stability

IP grade is 68

measuring range any range within 0100MPa,5kPa is the smallest range
Power supply DC 24V12V32V
Load capacity current mode≤500Ω (DC24V)
voltage mode≥3kΩ
accuracy class  grade 0.2 (range  from 70kPa to 5MPa )
 grade 0.5(range  from 5kPa to 70kPa; 5 MPa to 100 MPa)
medium temperature 40℃~125
environment temperature 20℃~85
Response time ≤ 50ms
Repeatability ± 0.2F.S
long-term stability ± 0.5F.S/y
nonlinear ± 0.2F.S
Over load pressure two times of range
electrical connection cable connection
process connection M20 × 1.5  and others
The external parts material Ordinary stainless steel/316stainless steel
IP grade IP 68

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