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JYB-KO-P/H High Temperature Titanium/Silicon - Sapphire Pressure Transmitter

The product model:JYB-KO-P/H
The production:China
Attention index:4151
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Industrial process pressure control and temperature measurement

The aerospace field

Petroleum and chemical industry

Medical instrument, food and other industries

Navigation, and shipbuilding industry

Water conservancy, water and electricity, power plants and other industries



Whole stainless steel laser welding, excellent anticorrosion and shock resistance

Has a wide temperature measuring range, very mini pressure value error

Work stable and strong  anti-interference capability

High reliability,double diaphragm structure, titanium metal diaphragm, overload excellent performance

Sapphire is composed of single crystal dielectric element. Hysteresis, fatigue and creep phenomenon will not occur

Small dimension, light weight, complete type, high cost performance

Reverse polarity, over-voltage and over-current protection

Wide range of medium measurement, can measure  gas suspended in viscous liquid or liquid crystalline or solid particles, etc

measuring range any range within 0160MPa,5kPa is the smallest range
Power supply DC 24V12V32V
Load capacity current mode≤500Ω 
voltage mode≥3kΩ
accuracy class  grade 0.5
medium temperature 60+150 
environment temperature 20+85
Response time ≤ 50ms
Thermal zero drift ± 0.02F.S/
Hysteresis and repeatability ± 0.2F.S
long-term stability ± 0.1F.S/y
nonlinear ± 0.1F.S
Max working pressure two times of range
electrical connection big Horsman interface/terminal
process connection M20 × 1.5 outside thread
The external parts material Ordinary stainless steel/316stainless steel
Shell material Ordinary stainless steel/316stainless steel/cast aluminum shell
IP grade IP 54(H type)/IP 65P type

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