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Multi function digital intelligent transmitter read real time early warning
Release time:2013-12-02 16:44:49

      JYB-1 series pressure liquid level transmitter is KunLun coast developed Gao Jicheng, multi-function digital, intelligent transducer, sensor using mature and reliable technology, combined with the microcontroller and sensor digital advanced technology designed converted. The core controller uses a sixteen bit microcontroller, its powerful function and high speed computing ability of guaranteed quality transmitter. Protective casing design; with the liquid crystal display; battery power and the external power supply combination, prevent blackouts caused by equipment stops working; RS-485 network communication, the current pressure device reads the value of the target in real time, make corresponding measures according to the different situation to. At the same time, the transmitter also integrates a detailed product information, so that the user of the product tracking and management.
Product features:
RS-485 serial communication, communication distance can reach 1000 meters;
• supports the standard ModBus RTU protocol;
• the internal integration of detailed product information, convenient for the user to query and management;
• products equipped with rechargeable lithium battery, normal operation can be maintained in a sudden power outage;
• backlit LCD segment with the key operation provides a good human-computer interface for the user;
• intelligent watchdog; • a key recovery, fast recovery system to factory settings;



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