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Water position alarm Water Leakage detection alarm
Release time:2013-10-17 16:27:13

     KunLun coast company recently developed a mainly used to detect water monitoring site somewhere in the single point alarm, the product model JS-DW can detect any position along the cable on the water situation, once detected cable Water Leakage somewhere, will immediately positioning immersion position and alarm (LED indicating alarm and alarm relay output), and immersion position information displayed on the LCD. Its working principle is monitored and sampled by the water current signal by the transmitter cable, special MCU for sampling signal amplification, calculation, analysis of soaking positioning information. Immersion positioning information through the network for remote RS485.

Products can be widely used in data centers, telecommunication room floor, HVAC equipment, pipeline, power room, storage areas, large water tank and the roof needs


      Alarm power supply mode can be selected by the user for DC 24V (22.5V~27V)) or AC220V, meet various users of the equipment of the power supply requirements; LCD display module can be soaked position information and communication parameter information by LCD liquid crystal display; by means of the external keys of equipment parameters are convenient to set the output and alarm relay; alarm output through LED; when multiple devices online at the same time, the communication parameters (port and baud rate) can realize independent through key; products provide RS-485 standard communication interface, the immersion position information transmission, the maximum transmission distance of 1000m, while ensuring the universal means of communication. The power supply, input, output three terminal isolation technology, greatly improves the reliability of electrical compatibility and system; the output of the photoelectric isolation and coil isolation protection, can effectively ensure the product reliability and service life. Water soaked cable is small and portable, flexible installation, close to the ground, no direction polar requirement, anti - oxidation, anti polarization, corrosion proof design.
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