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Wireless sensor and attention in the Modern Agricultural Development Forum
Release time:2013-12-06 17:25:41

  In November 28th, "the third China County Agricultural Development Summit" held in China Agricultural University, east campus, Ceng Xianzi hall. The conference is divided into international science and technology exchange, the theme of the forum and seminar three. International Science and technology exchange around Israel precision irrigation technology development, the French ruminant animal nutrition system feeding technology, the animal husbandry and precision breeding, the Hungarian scientific and technological cooperation and project profile and the Spanish agricultural advantages and status of agricultural scientific research topic, from various countries personnel bringing international agricultural field of cutting-edge technology and the latest developments. The theme of the forum, rural development research fellow, Wang Maohua of the China Agricultural University Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute deputy director Du Zhixiong experts respectively the theme report brilliant. Workshop is divided into "the county agricultural brand construction and development model", "urban agriculture development mode" and "agricultural scale efficient production of the application of new technology in" three topics. After the opening ceremony, also held a "brand agriculture demonstration counties", "the most value of agricultural county", "the farmer cooperative organization award of excellence" and "rural cooperative organization elite" and other awards ceremony, a total of 30 counties, 10 enterprises and 9 elite award. During the meeting, there are business display area, display technology of pyrethrum technology new varieties of crops, green and modern advanced irrigation, environmental monitoring.


KunLun coast show wireless sensor and data acquisition products wisdom of application in the field of agriculture.

Many participants said that through wireless sensor and related products can greatly reduce the labor cost, make the management more simple, more efficient, according to some high requirements on the environmental parameters of the crop is very suitable,
Let the majority of growers to achieve farm easy desire.
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