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JQBW-8 Wall Mount Dust Sensors

The product model:JQBW-8
The production:China
Attention index:3871
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The dust sensor module is low cost, compact size for a particle density sensor. Quantitative particle density measurement with the principle of particle counter. Fine particles of which diameters are bigger than one micron could be detected with high sensitivity. Inside heater realizes the self-air taking, it provide one control contact and two output contacts.


The product is mainly used in electronic, pharmaceutical, air purification, food health, hospital, fresh air, and other fields.


user setup 3 dust diameter (1µm, 2µm or 2.5µm)

±10% accuracy

128x64 dot LCD display with blue back

wall-mounted installation easily

4-20mA, 0-5Vdc, RS-232/485 and relay outputs

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