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KL-H1101 900M IOT Gateway

The product model:KL-H1101
The production:China
Attention index:4039

KL - H1101 IOT gateway is  researched and developed by Beijing collihigh itself, and matched with JRFW - 2 series 900M wireless sensor. It provides a standard Ethernet interface,and 3G/WIFI interface, can connect 900M wireless network to the LAN or the Internet, realizing  docking between  the Internet network equipment and the 900 m wireless sensors. It supports Modbus TCP protocol,10M / 100M Ethernet, 3G, WIFI, and other Internet information channel.It's convenient for users monitoring data by mobile phone, tablet, PC or other mobile Internet devices.


It can widely used in cold chain transportation, communication room, indoor temperature and humidity, intelligent building, subway, mall, library and other places.


10M/ 100M Ethernet, free access

Have the function of Web remote/local browser access, by browsing the Web to realize the management of the gateway and 900M wireless sensor, at the same time can view the 900M wireless network nodes information

Built-in standard Modbus TCP server, support multi-clients access together

3G wireless card plug-and-play, support TC, unicom and 3G mobile Internet services, intelligence prevent drops, and once drops, it redials automatically, card automatic dialing, etc, to ensure that the equipment always online

WIFI adapter plug-and-play, short distance wireless communication convenient, signal stability

Bound dynamic domain name, support 20  dynamic domain names apply for website

Support mobile web client access, through intelligent equipment such as mobile phone to check the 900M wireless network node information

Gateway user's information can realize the backup and recovery, to ensure that the data information of  gateway is security

Built-in 900M wireless receiving module, intelligent ad-hoc network,far transmission distance, there are maximum 247 sets of 900M wireless sensors under a gateway

Four status indicator light, indicate system working condition clearly

Smart guard dog

Powerful software upgrade, support the remote upgrade

A key recovery,press 5 seconds can restore factory Settings

Power supply DC 12V~30V
Average power consumption 1.7w
Communication  EthernetWIFI 3G
Working mode server/client
Protocol Modbus TCP
Communication interface 10M/100M Ethernet interface,USB2.0 interface
900M wireless communication Communication frequency band:915M
Communication distance:400m (open environment)
Environment temperature  -20~+60
Environment humidity 5RH95RH
Dimension 175mm×123mm×33mm
Weight  about 227g

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