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The field of ultra low temperature protective type pressure transducer
Release time:2013-12-17 11:14:13

  The JYB-K0-YW field ultra low temperature protective type pressure liquid level transmitter designed by KunLun coastal development, using titanium / silicon on sapphire or silicon core imports, precise measurement for different medium and different temperature and pressure level; the product can be applied to the field of low temperature industrial process control pressure; pressure measurement at low temperature, low temperature, low temperature cooling tank scientific experiment tank, propellant; environmental bad field irrigation, hydropower, water supply, chemical high requirement on the waterproof performance of industry; and the city pipeline, oil pipeline, building automation pressure collection; navigation, shipbuilding and locomotive braking system; the food, pharmaceutical, brewing, emulsion etc.;

Product features: *
All stainless steel laser welding, anti-corrosion, waterproof, shockproof;
Military devices, the whole temperature linear temperature compensation, the use of -40 ℃ ~125 ℃ wide temperature region; ·
The anti overload impact and interference ability is strong; · overvoltage and overcurrent reverse polarity surge protection; •
Long service life, high reliability; ·
IP68 protection level;
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